Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Review

     Hello blog readers. Hope you're doing well. I'm doing pretty good, am just coming off of spring break. It was pretty busy..had a job where I had to stand 8 hours a day. I would not advise getting a job where you have to stand 8 hours a day. It's really damn brutal.
     Anyway, after trying to decide for ages what to write about, I finally gave in to binge watching a show strictly for writing about it, for 6 straight hours. So here we go, a short anime review of "My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU" (NOTE: SNAFU apparently means "Situation Normal, All Fucked Up" for those of you who aren't initialism savvy, myself included).

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

     If you're like me, just from the cover art up there ^^^^ you're probably thinking "Oh great, another love triangle with characters who have recycled personalities..", which honestly is kind of true. Although to be honest, all characters have recycled personalities to some extent, that's just a fact of art and life nowadays. Nothing is really original anymore, unless you're talking about an objective subject like science or math, but that's beside the point. However, this is not your average show, not in the least. The title itself should give it away. What kind of show calls itself a romantic comedy in the title and proceeds to be average?


     The one and only complaint: The lack of romance. As a fellow romantic, school-themed, and slice-of-life enthusiast, there was a major part missing in this show. This component being the romance. Honestly! You'd think having the word "romance" in the title would help the production crew actually create a romantic story. Yeah, there are parts when it's obvious who has a crush on who (aka blushing), but there isn't any build off of it. They merely leave the viewer hanging on by a thread, not knowing if there'll be any extrapolation off of it. While watching, my inner romantic cringed as I watched all the romantic moments fleet away. It's painful. But now that I've thought it over, it could be due to not wanting to rush a romance into only 13 episodes which could possibly leave it open for a 2nd season. I know I've definitely seen shows try to rush a good romance story into 13 episodes and it doesn't work well at all. If you know of a good romance anime that was 12 or 13 episodes long, please let me know, I'd be glad to watch it. Hopefully, and, I have my fingers crossed, hopefully they do have plans to extend the show to a 2nd season which would primarily be the romance aspect. Creating that would undoubtedly do the title and show a little more justice.


     Commend #1: The humor

The reply when asked if she has any friends
This is Totsuka, he's a guy
This is Hachiman, he's not gay
     I'm sure you all know how tough it is to explain why something is funny..this is no exception. With some background and knowledge on how characters interact, I promise it's a lot funnier. Along with this phenomenal humor, the writing is excellent. You know those terrible anime where half of the dialogue is the characters calling out each other's names? I'm looking at you "Inuyasha" and "Eureka 7" (despite my love for this show, a lot of the dialogue between Eureka and Renton is just them saying each other's names...). This show isn't like those. It has quality substance to its writing; they delve into the psyche of the main character: Hachiman, whom does not seem to enjoy socializing. Despite that he does tend to bring up things about his past to his club colleagues that are often put into a comedic light, but also hold a powerful message.
Young Hachiman
Rejection in the past leads to rejecting others in the future?
     Commend #2: The nature of the setting allows there to be a large variety of episode locations. The 3 main characters's situation provides opportunity for them to assist people and bring them to many other places throughout Japan. These places are a nice break from the constant school setting that constrains many school-themed shows and lets them meet many new people that can provide the viewer with more insight into what the main characters are thinking/feeling. Of course you've got your obligatory swim suit episode, although it's not as extensive as most other shows, for which I'm pretty glad.
Obligatory swimsuit picture
     I can tell you firsthand it gets very tiring seeing the same old episodes over and over and luckily, this show changes the pace.

Rating and Ending Thoughts

     Overall, I'd give "My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU" an 8.5/10. Taking into consideration the phenomenal character interaction, an array of insightful discussions, great humor, and lack of romance; to make all of these factors work together with very commonly used personalities is a great feat, one which should be praised.

     Hope you guys enjoyed the review, be back next week with something else! Oh, also check out my good friend Phoenix's blog. He's an aspiring author and will be publishing some short stories in his blog posts in the future. Phoenix's Blog. Anyway, thanks for reading. Peace out.


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