Sunday, March 30, 2014

Golden Time Review (Contains some spoilers)

     Golden Time is an anime aired from October 3rd, 2013, to March 27th, 2014. It was written by Yuyuko Takemiya (writer of the hit series: Toradora!) and directed by Chiaki Kon, one of the very few successful female anime directors. Predominately being Romance and School Life-themed doesn't stop it from containing other interesting elements peppered throughout, making this otherwise humdrum university romance story unique.
The "oh-so-great" Kaga Koko
     Complaint #1: The characters. The main character: Tada Banri is one of the least impressive characters in the entire show. As a viewer, it's frustrating how someone like Banri becomes infatuated with a woman who is easily one of the most invasive, clingy, and annoying characters I've ever encountered. This woman is Kaga Koko. Her personality along with the romance that surrounds her keeps each and every viewer's frustration to a maximum. To add to the frustration, the ending was extremely underwhelming.When watching the final episode occur, I became immensely irritated how the creator of this story could make it end the way it did. Is it to make a statement? That not all love stories end with the viewer pleased in the character's decision? Perhaps it's because the writer is showing that the character has control over their story, not the writer like most people think. Whatever the case, the characters and ending thoroughly disappointed me.

     Complaint #2: The flow. The flow of the story is profoundly important. It impacts my decision as to whether I continue with the show or not, whether I enjoy the show or merely tolerate it. For this show, it was tolerance. It's hard to place my finger on, but something about this show's flow seemed off; each episode felt different from the last, almost like a discontinuation. The story should be just that: a story. Not a sequence of episodes, especially in a romance anime, creating a difficult situation for viewers to see the progression in the relationship between Koko and Banri. When the flow of a show isn't good, the viewer becomes distracted from the plot and/or the message, hurting the overall reception of the story.

     Commend #1: Interesting plot. Golden Time isn't your average amnesia story; Banri is constantly battling with his past self for possession over his current body and memories. The viewer's experience that comes from this is insurmountable. One finds him or herself worrying about when all hell will break loose, when Banri will repossess his memories of old and lose his current memories; it becomes a tale of Banri's struggle back into regular society with the help of new found friends and girlfriend: the wonderful Kaga Koko.

Rating and Ending Thoughts

     My disapproval of the ending, general flow of the story, Koko, Banri, as well as the interesting plot, incline me to give this the poor rating of 5/10. The plot completely carries the entire show because, obviously, the characters can't do it worth anything. This plot kept me on the edge of my seat and powered me through to the end, simply to see how the writers decided to finish this dull, romantic story.

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